Department of BioMolecular Sciences
The University of Mississippi

Fall 2022 Graduate Student and External Speaker Seminar Series

Tuesday and Thursday seminars are scheduled at 11:00 AM. Titles will be posted as they become available. 

Original Research Proposals are scheduled Friday at 2:00 PM in TCRC 2066.

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Speaker Title Date
Dr. Aaron Beeler
Joe Sam Lecture
Photochemistry for Natural Product Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry October 20, Thursday
Dr. Paul Boudreau Course Expectations August 23, Tuesday
Dr. Kristie Willett and BioMolecular Sciences Student Advocates TBD August 25, Thursday
Dr. Ariana Remmel
Chemical & Engineering News
Communicating chemistry: There’s a molecule at the center of every story. September 1, Thursday
Dr. Laura-Isobel McCall
University of Oklahoma
Chemical cartography-based metabolomics to guide rational drug development September 6, Tuesday
Michael Neal
TBD September 9, Friday
TCRC 2066
Priyanka Samanta
Developing novel anti-adhesives to prevent Salmonella-induced biofilm formation in the potential treatment of gastroenteritis and enteric typhoid fever September 16, Friday
TCRC 2066
Dr. Matt Bertin
University of Rhode Island
Connecting specialized metabolism to marine microbial communities September 20, Tuesday
Maggie Craze
Consequences of non-lethal chemical weapons: Documenting dispersal and developmental impacts September 23, Friday
TCRC 2066
Emaya Moss
TBD September 30, Friday
TCRC 2066
Tonia Aminone
Meshal Alghamdi
TBD October 4, Tuesday
Ibrahim Almarabi
Shayla Victoria
TBD October 11, Tuesday
Amena Begum
TBD October 14, Friday
TCRC 2066
Tahir Ali
Baharul Islam
TBD October 18, Tuesday
Aaron Beeler
Associate Professor – Boston University
2022 Joseph Sam Distinguished Lecture October 20, Thursday
Cody Porter
TBD October 21, Friday
TCRC 2066
May Khanna
Associate Professor – New York University
Chemical biology, systems-based approach to targeting protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions for neurodegenerative disease therapeutics October 25, Tuesday
Mohammed Ahmed
TBD October 28, Friday
TCRC 2066
Dr. Benjamin Garcia
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
TBD November 3, Thursday
Mario Djugovski
TBD November 4, Friday
TCRC 2066
Dr. Alberto Cruz-Martin
Boston University
TBD November 8, Tuesday
Amin Akbar Ahangar
Alaa Qrareya
TBD November 10, Thursday
Priyanka Samanta TBD November 15, Tuesday
Dr. Eduardo J. Caro
University of Puerto Rico – Rio Piedras
TBD December 1, Thursday