Department of BioMolecular Sciences
The University of Mississippi

Fall 2023 Graduate Student and External Speaker Seminar Series

Tuesday and Thursday seminars are scheduled at 11:00 AM. Titles will be posted as they become available. 

Join seminar via Zoom



Speaker Title Date
Course Expectations August 22, Tuesday
Meeting with the Chair and the BSA and MASS August 24, Thursday
Dr. Amy Hauck Newman (NIDA-IRP) ZOOM August 29, Tuesday
Prof. Emily Mevers (Virginia Tech.) ZOOM August 31, Thursday
Vitor Pomin (BMS) TBD September 5, Tuesday
Mohammed Ahmed / Dan Mi Huynh TBD September 12, Tuesday
Prof. Stephanie Gantz – (U Iowa) ZOOM September 19, Tuesday
Ramya Bandarrupalli / Nawal Shehata TBD September 26, Tuesday
Sudeshna Roy (BMS) TBD October 10, Tuesday
Tareq Saquib / Yumna Saad TBD October 17, Tuesday
Priyanka Samanta / Emily Rasmussen TBD October 24, Tuesday
Tahir Ali / Zainab Rahman TBD October 31, Tuesday
Amin Ahngar / Cody Porter TBD November 7, Tuesday
Maggie Craze – Prospectus TBD November 9, Thursday
Prof. Marcy Balunas (U. Michigan) ZOOM November 28, Tuesday