Department of BioMolecular Sciences
The University of Mississippi

Spring 2022 Graduate Student and External Speaker Seminar Series

Tuesday and Thursday seminars are scheduled at 11:00 AM. Titles will be posted as they become available. 

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Speaker Title Date
Dr. Paul Boudreau Course Expectations January 18, Tuesday
Selina (Zhi) Cheng
Prospectus Defense
Development of a Novel Real-time Gradient HPLC Coupled with Inline Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting Method for Dynamic Protein System Analysis January 20, Thursday
Dr. Craig W. Lindsley
Professor of Pharmacology, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Vanderbilt School of Medicine
Novel Therapeutic Strategies for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease and Dystonia January 27, Thursday
Dr. Najat Saliba
Associate Professor in Analytical Chemistry
American University of Beirut
Air pollution: The invisible deadly shadow February 1, Tuesday
Hanan Albataineh Assessment of Evolutionary Relationships for Prioritization of Myxobacteria for Natural Product Discovery February 8, Tuesday
Ayoub Kdimy Phytochemistry and Biological Activities of Moroccan Capparis spinosa L.: A Medicinal Plant with Various Therapeutic Properties February 8, Tuesday
Dr. Katherine Zink
Scientist II
Enveda Biosciences
Smoke as a matrix for the investigation of exogenous exhalable cannabis components February 15, Tuesday
Amena Begum Progress Toward the Stepwise Synthesis of Difluorinated Benzopyrans February 22, Tuesday
Eslam Elhanafy Elucidating Structural Role of Disease-associated Mutations in Cardiac Voltage-gated Sodium Channels Nav 1.5 February 22, Tuesday
Andrew Ahearne Isolation of Novel Myxobacteria and Discovery of Novel Metabolites Through Genome Mining and Activity-guided Fractionation February 24, Thursday
Cellas Hayes
Prospectus Defense
Uncovering the IGF-1 Signaling Mechanisms Responsible for Neuroprotection Following Stroke March 1, Tuesday
No Seminar No Seminar March 15, Tuesday
No Seminar No Seminar March 17, Thursday
Emaya Moss Physiological Corticosterone Attenuates gp120-mediated Microglial Activation and is Associated with Reduced Anxiety-Like Behavior March 22, Tuesday
William Neal Predictive machine learning vs. traditional QSAR modeling methods: A case study of known PXR activators March 22, Tuesday
Salahuddin Mohammed
Dissertation Defense
HIV-1 Tat and Opioids: Implications for Stress-Related Psychopathology March 22, Tuesday
TCRC 2066
Dr. Mahmoud Moradi
Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Arkansas
Computational Exploration of Protein Conformational Flexibility from Membrane Insertases to Coronavirus Spike Proteins March 29, Tuesday
Dr. Spencer Peck
Principal Scientist at Pfizer
Investigating the Mode of Action of the MEK Inhibitor ARRY-134 April 5, Tuesday
Dr. Jenny Wilkerson
Research Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Cannabis-Derived Compounds and GABA-B Agonists as Novel Therapeutics to Treat Pathological Pain April 12, Tuesday
Maali Alshammari
Dissertation Defense
Synthetic Studies on Valuable Fluorinated Building Blocks April 13, Wednesday
TCRC 2066
Hayley Prescott
Dissertation Defense
Botanical Aphrodisiacs for Women’s Health April 15, Friday
TCRC 1044
Moneerah Alqahtani
Dissertation Defense
Late-stage Diversification of Select Natural Products – New Chemical Entities with Improved Biological Activities April 18, Monday
TCRC 1044
Mehjabeen Hossain Designed Release of 5HT2A Agonists to Treat Depression April 19, Tuesday
Mario Djugovski From Gem-difluoro Olefins to Fully Substituted 1,2,3-triazoles; Catalyst-free and Regioselective Synthesis April 19, Tuesday
Reem Alkhodier
Prospectus Defense
Molecular Modeling Studies on Fluorinated Organic Molecules for Medicinal Chemistry April 21, Thursday
Cody Porter Impact of Varying Doses of Exogenous AGEs on Cardiac
Fibroblast Migration
April 26, Tuesday
Maggie Craze Determining the Impact of Season, Location, and Extraction Technique on the Analysis of Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) Filters April 26, Tuesday