Department of Pharmacy Administration
The University of Mississippi

Alumni and Friends

Lagniappe: an unexpected gift or benefit

Who doesn’t remember a time when you got something more than initially expected?

Thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends, the Department of Pharmacy Administration continues to be have one of the best graduate programs. Students have opportunities to present their research at national meetings, pursue innovative research ideas, network with leaders in the pharmaceutical industry and engage in summer internships. Many of these opportunities are available because of the department’s alumni and friends.

Financial donations have also strengthened the graduate program. We invite you to be involved with the department and the graduate program. If you would like to present a workshop on campus to the students, host a summer intern or speak at a department seminar, please let us know.

If you know of someone who is looking at graduate programs, please encourage him/her to contact us. Again, thanks for your continued support. It is an exciting time here in the department and we encourage you to come visit.

Alumnus of the Year


Doug Paul
2023-2024 — Doug Paul
2022-2023 — Kyle Null
2021-2022 — Suvapun Bunniran
2020-2021 — David McCaffrey III
2019-2020 — Benjamin F. Banahan III
2018-2019 — Amit Patel
2017-2018 — James Blake Thompson
2016-2017 — Steve Blackwell
2015-2016 — Patti Peeples
2014-2015 — Bruce Bellande
2013-2014 — Hind Hatoum
2012-2013 — Tina Brock
2011-2012 — Kenneth B. Roberts
2010-2011 — Brian Reisetter
2009-2010 — Dewey D. Garner
2008-2009 — Mick Kolassa
2007-2008 — Martin Jernigan
2006-2007 — Mickey C. Smith
2005-2006 — Joseph D. Jackson
2004-2005 — Francis B. Palumbo
2003-2004 — Lon N. Larson
2002-2003 — Alan B. McKay
2001-2002 — Robert A. Freeman
2000-2001 — Herman Lazarus
1999-2000 — Pedro J. Lecca
1998-1999 — Kenneth N. Barker
1997-1998 – D.C. Huffman, Jr.
1996-1997 – C. Nick Wilson