Department of Pharmacy Administration
The University of Mississippi

Completed Thesis Projects


Omokhodion Eriakha — Beliefs and Factors that Influence Intentions to Initiate Antihypertensive Medications

Saara Nasruddin — New Pharmacist Practitioner Experiences of Listening and Responding to Patient-Driven Misinformation 
Prachi Prajapati — Impact of Cardiovascular and Mental Health Comorbidities on All-Cause Healthcare Utilization among Older Adults with Type 2 Diabetes


Emily Gravlee — Naloxone Accessibility Across Mississippi

Saumil Jadhav — Acceptability and Feasibility of Healthcare Communication Consideration for Altering Perceptions toward Influenza Vaccine: A Qualitative Study

Shishir Maharjan — Opioid Tapering and Mental Health Crisis in Older Adults


Irene Nsiah — Factors Influencing Postpartum Contraception Uptake

Queenie PaltanwaleUnderstanding Attitudes Towards Deprescribing Among Older Adults with Osteoporosis

Wesley Sparkmon — Community Pharmacist Perceptions of Increased Technician Responsibility


Ian Freeman The Association between Patient Characteristics and Use of Statin and Metformin among Elderly Women with Breast Cancer and Diabetes

Sonam Nair — Facilitators and Barriers to Biosimilar Adoption: A Systematic Review of the Global Stakeholder Perspective


David Allen III — Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS): Reasons for Use and Associated Factors in Self-Selected Nicotine Concentrations

Siddhi Korgaonkar — Comparative Effectiveness and Safety of Non-Vitamin K Antagonists Oral Anticoagulants and Warfarin in Elderly Patients with Non-Valvular Artial Fibrillation and Diabetes


Chukwuebuka Dibie — Predictors of Dental Opioid Analgesic Prescribing, Opioid Use and Dental Emergency Department Visits in the Mississippi Medicaid Population

Yiqiao Zhang — Opioid Use for Treatment of Acute Pain among Children and Adolescents enrolled in Mississippi Medicaid


Ashley Crumby — The Decision to Pursue Pharmacy Residency Training: Motivators, Barriers, and the Fear of Missing Out

Neeri Wahidullah — Predictors of Medication Nonadherence in Children/Adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Mississippi Medicaid Program


Kaustuv Bhattacharya — Burden of Depression among Irritable Bowel Syndrome Patients Enrolled in National Medicaid

Nicholas Keeling — Payer Perspectives on Preemptive Pharmacogenetic Testing

Sasikiran Nunna  Biological and Psychosocial Risk Factors of Stroke in African Americans Enrolled in the Jackson Heart Study (JHS)


Tristen Jackson  Primary Care Providers’ Provision of Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Counseling for Patients with Cardiovascular Risk

Sujith Ramachandran — Determining Physician and Patient Characteristics that Predict the Use of Atypical Antipsychotics Children with Mental Health Disorders

Divya Verma — Impact of Refill Synchronization Medication Adherence for Chronic Disease


James Parrett — Pharmacists’ Preparedness for Acute Medical Emergencies


Ruchitbhai Shah — Community Pharmacists’ Attitudes Toward an Expanded Class of Nonprescription Drugs


Sai Dharmarajan — Case-Mix Adjustment of Adherence Based Pharmacy Quality Indicator Scores

Namita Joshi — Factors Affecting Community Pharmacy Owners’ Attitudes toward and Likelihood to Adopt RxSync Service

Tasneem Lokhandwala — Do statins improve outcomes in patients with asthma on inhaled corticosteroid therapy? A retrospective analysis of the Mississippi Medicaid database 2002-2004

Hafiz Oko-Osi — Market Response to FDA Safety Warnings: A Case Study Using an Interrupted Time Series Analysis of the Medicare Database for 2006-2008

Tushar Padwal — An Examination of Factors Influencing the Program Choice of Graduate Students in the Pharmaceutical Sciences

Zainab Shahpurwala — Pharmacy-level Quality Measures and the Consumer: Preferences and Attitudes

Sumit Verma — The Strategic Value Driver Model: A Methodology For Examining Value Drivers For A New Pharmaceutical Product In Diabetes


Amod Athavale — The Measurement of Pharmacy Loyalty and its Use in the Development of Marketing Strategies for the RxSync Service™

Ram Sankar Basak — Willingness to Influence Indication-Based Off-Label Prescribing: An Investigation of Hospital Pharmacies

Krutika Jariwala — Factors that Physicians Find Encouraging and Discouraging about Electronic Prescribing: A Quantitative Study

Clive Mendonca — Product-Specific and Disease-Specific Direct-to-Consumer Drug Advertising (DTCA): An Investigation of Post-Exposure Information Search Behavior

Donna Kyle

Kyle Null — Consumer Acceptance of Health-Related Technologies:  Incorporating Perceived Health Risk into the Technology Acceptance Model

Vennela Thumula — Type 2 Diabetes in Children: Estimates of Epidemiology, Quality of Care, Costs and Resource Utilization in a Medicaid Population

Leonardo Torres — Pharmacists’ Rating of Relevance of Available Information in Deciding the Validity of Opioid Medication Prescriptions


Philip Schwab — Cigarette Sales in Pharmacy: An Examination of the Relationship Value of Customers Who Purchase Cigarettes in Retail Pharmacies


Gayatri Gopal — Examining the Influence of Perceived Risk, Perceived Variability, and Confidence on Consumers Intentions to Seek OTC Medication Advice from Health Professionals


Su Bunniran — Examining Attributions of Blame and Consumer Trust Following Market Withdrawal of a Pharmaceutical Product


Nekshan Jalnawala — A Study of the Influence of Detail Message Characteristics on Physicians’ Beliefs about Medications and Credibility

Doug Paul — Pharmaceutical Marketers’ Perceptions of the Benefits and Drivers of the First-Mover Advantage in Pharmaceutical Markets: An Exploratory Study

Ravi Sadasivan — The Effect of Visual Images in Printed Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Medications on External Information Search


William Lobb — The Effect of a School of Origin Variable on the Traditional Predictors and Prediction of Undergraduate Pharmacy Students’ Academic Performance


Mansi Shah — Effects of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising on the Quality of the Patient-Physician Relationship


Kornkanok Arntson — Determinants of Influence: An Investigation of Pharmacist Activity in the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee


James Blake Thompson — College Preparation for Pharmaceutical Sales Careers


Saurabh S. Sewak — Cybermarketing of Pharmaceuticals: A Case for Style Over Substance?


Vivek Kaisare — An Exploratory Investigation of the Potential for Direct-to-Consumer Advertising in the Type 2 Diabetes Market

Joseph Keith Bonnarens — Determining the Level of Patient Care Specialty Service Development and Entrepreneurial Characteristics Present in Independent Community Pharmacy


Donna Sue West — Information Technologies in Community Pharmacy Practice


Alicia Corrine Sanders Bouldin — Pharmacists’ Perceptions of Herbal Medicines: A Descriptive Study

John Paul Bentley — A Study of the Feasibility of the Utilization of Health Related Quality of Life Instruments in the Community Pharmacy Settings


Ram Mohan Chukkapalli — Consumer Self-Medication Behavior: the Influence of Different Factors on Consumer’s Purchase Decisions in the Selection of OTC Analgesics

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