National Center for Natural Products Research
The University of Mississippi


Natural products offer a vast and virtually unlimited source of new agents for both the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. The National Center for Natural Products Research (NCNPR) was created in 1995 to bring together an alliance of academia, government, and the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries to integrate research, development, and commercialization of potentially useful natural products. It is the nation’s only university-affiliated research center devoted to improving human health and agricultural productivity through the discovery, development, and commercialization of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals derived from natural products.

The NCNPR conducts basic and applied multidisciplinary research to discover and develop natural products for use as pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and agrochemicals, and to understand the biological and chemical properties of medicinal plants. Research is also conducted on medicinal plants so that they may be developed as crops for U.S. farmers. Building on a strong foundation and history of excellence in natural products research within the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Mississippi, NCNPR programs involve the faculty of the departments of biomolecular sciences, pharmaceutics and drug delivery, pharmacy administration and pharmacy practice.