National Center for Natural Products Research
The University of Mississippi

Mission Statement

The research and scholarship mission of the NCNPR is the discovery, development of natural product-derived pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals to benefit human health and agricultural productivity.  Our natural products research effort is a broad, multidisciplinary, integrated program with three major emphasis areas:

  • The discovery and early development of potential new drugs and agrochemicals from natural products.
  • The understanding and science-based characterization of botanical products used as dietary supplements.
  • Research on medicinal plants, the production and processing of their pharmaceutical actives, and their potential for the development of alternative crops.

Our mission entails the provision of national and international leadership in our own research enterprises, and in the interface with other pharmaceutical sciences for all aspects of discovery, development, clinical evaluation, and marketing of pharmaceuticals.
We will disseminate knowledge through:

  • Scholarly works in peer-reviewed scientific journals and other appropriate media.
  • Original scholarly works before peers at local, regional, national, and international scientific meetings and conferences.
  • Expert consultation and advice to external agencies and organizations.
  • Technology transfer to enhance pharmaceutical care and improve health.