Imaging Research Core

The GlyCORE Imaging Research Core will provide access to advanced imaging techniques for GlyCORE investigators.  These advanced techniques will allow for the mapping of observable changes in extracellular and subcellular structures and chemistry, on a point by point basis, over a specified region within their cells or tissues. This core will permit a wide range of advanced imaging techniques, including laser scanning confocal microscopy and related beam parking experimental approaches, bright field and phase-contrast microscopy, and computer-aided image analysis.

Instruments and services available through the core:

  • Stereomicroscopy
  • Epi-fluorescent and Bright Field Microscopy
  • Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) with multiple detectors
  • Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometer (EDS),
    • Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM),
    • Cathodoluminescence (CL),
    • Back-Scattered Electron (BSE), and
    • Secondary Electron (SE) detectors
  • Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy
    • Multi-dimensional Microscopy
    • Live Cell Imaging
    • FRAP and FLIP
    • FRET
    • Use of Optical Sensors for cell signaling and metabolite production.
  • Training on Image Preparation and Acquisition on all Available Platforms
  • Access to Image Analysis Software and Training
  • Work with GlyCORE researchers to help them gain quality images.
  • Consultation and Collaboration on Developing New Applications. This consultation may involve advising on new capabilities made available through the instrumentation upgrades, collaboration to develop new sensors/reporters, or how to prepare samples better, or how to use expansion microscopy to achieve higher resolution mapping of subcellular domains.
  • We will help investigators use the FE-SEM, by consulting on the use and preparation of materials and supporting their time on the instrument.

To learn more about the Imaging Core, please visit the GlyCORE Imaging Core website.

To request services through the Core, complete and submit our Service Request Form.

Core Director – Gregg Roman,, 662-915-7203.

Core Manager – John Adams Sabestian,