GlyCORE External Advisory Committee

The GlyCORE External Advisory Committee is comprised of five distinguished scientists representing the broad diversity of the field of glycoscience. The committee provides scientific guidance for program development, as well as evaluation for all programs and investigators. The Committee is integral in administering awards for GlyCORE’s Junior Investigator Program, and Pilot Project Program, leading a process designed to prepare investigators for NIH peer review.

GLYCORE Internal Advisory Committee

The Internal Advisory Committee, comprised of University of Mississippi experts knowledgeable in both science and administration issues, plays an important role in the guidance of GlyCORE.  The committee is responsible for the oversight of initial application screening and first level support in grantsmanship, as well as facilitating advocacy for GlyCORE within the UM administration.  Essential areas of support include first level screening of the Junior Investigator and Pilot Project Program awards, on-site support for faculty assessment, and promoting faculty recruitment in glycoscience.