Mid-South Glycoscience Meeting

Thad Cochran Research Center

The University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi

Our growing appreciation of glycoscience and the role of carbohydrates and glycoconjugates in a vast array of biological processes and biomedical applications is quickly changing our fields of research.  The complexity and fast-moving nature of the field make it necessary for glycoscientists to come together and share new developments in the field, as well as to help introduce researchers to the field who have come across questions of glycoscience in the course of their research.  The Mid-South Glycoscience Meeting is dedicated to bringing together researchers from diverse disciplines across the Mid-South region and beyond to discuss issues in glycoscience, foster collaborations, and learn new techniques and technologies.  Featuring research highlights of regional researchers, as well as distinguished external speakers and experts in the field, the event is designed to be an accessible venue for researchers and trainees to share their work, network, and foster collaborations. 

The meeting is sponsored by the Glycoscience Center of Research Excellence (GlyCORE), the only dedicated glycoscience research center in the Mid-South region.  Established in 2020, GlyCORE seeks to support and foster glycoscience within the Mid-South region, providing specialized instrumentation and expertise to support both dedicated glycoscientists and biomedical researchers whose research happens to intersect with glycoscience. 

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Image says: 2024 Mid-South Glycoscience Meeting, Wednesday, July 10, 2024 - University of Mississippi, Thad Cochran Research Center Auditorium, The University of Mississippi Glycoscience Center of Research Excellence