Pilot Project Program

A key facet of the COBRE mechanism in Phase 1 of the Glycoscience Center of Research Excellence (GlyCORE) is the support of Early Career Investigators (ECIs) as they seek to develop research programs that can compete nationally for NIH independent funding.  In response, GlyCORE will fund four total two-year projects (two in Years 2 and 3, two more in Years 4 and 5) with $ 50,000 of direct cost support per year.  Proposed research must fall within the field of glycoscience.


All University of Mississippi investigators with research within the field of glycoscience, but not currently funded by GlyCORE, are eligible for the PPP award.  However, preference will be given to those eligible for Junior Investigator status under COBRE guidelines. 


PPP awardees will be selected by a competitive process.  Following a Call for Proposals, a Letter of Intent containing a draft of the Specific Aims page must be submitted. 

  • Initial screening will ensure research falls within the field of glycoscience
  • All remaining candidates will submit an NIH R21-style proposal
  • NIH R21-style proposals will be scored by the Internal Advisory Committee based on the NIH rubric
  • Three PPP finalists and the scoring reports will be evaluated by the External Advisory Committee for final selection based on scientific merit and the PPPs ability to forward the strategic goals of GlyCORE
  • Awards will be granted pending NIGMS approval