Group photo of the Eden Tanner Research Lab

Glyco-Ionic Liquids for Stealth Drug Delivery

Project Description:

The Tanner Lab works at the interface of physical chemistry and bioengineering to design new technology for human health. For our Pilot Project, we are working on developing glyco-based ionic liquids as nanoparticle coatings. We seek to achieve selective and increased uptake of our nanoparticles into cancerous cells that overexpress glucose transporters on their membrane. Our glyco-ILs are designed to provide a safe and efficacious drug delivery modality by manipulating the chemistry of the interaction between the cell membrane and the nanoparticles. Working with the research cores, we will explore fundamental questions to characterize the IL-cell interaction, including using computational chemistry, mass spectrometry, and cell imaging and uptake studies.

Contact Information:

Photo of Dr. Eden Tanner


Eden E. L. Tanner, DPhil
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
179 Coulter Hall

Associated Personnel:

Dr. Gagandeep Singh, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ms. Gaya Dasanayake, Graduate Student

Ms. Claylee Chism, Graduate Student